Storyline 2: Pixels distance on screen

I am wondering if somehow there is a way in Storyline 2 to:

1) Drag and drop two 'objects' (example: 2 small squares) and

2) Display in a text box the distance in pixels between the 2 objects.

The measurement can be done horizontally or vertically depending on how the user positions the 2 objects.

There's got to be a way. After all, this is Storyline!! 


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Miary Andria

Hi Matthew,

Thanks for looking into this question.

I am thinking more about a dynamic way to get the position coordinates. In other words, the user will drag and drop the object and I need a way to programmatically determine the coordinates where the user dropped the object.

Once the 2 objects are dropped, I'll then programmatically determine the 'distance' (or number of pixels) between the 2 objects.

Again, thanks!