Storyline 2 - Play Media Triggers

Question on the play media trigger; is it supposed to stop all other media?

I have multiple slides with short videos, which loop. This is accomplished with a play media at timeline start, and play media when media complete triggers. However whenever either of these triggers fire the audio, which is placed on the timeline and not controlled by triggers, may or may not be stopped. It also seems to behave differently on different platforms, being much more likely to occur when viewing the html5 version of the course on an iPad. It can occur even in a desktop browser though, and is a consistent enough issue that I need to address it.

I would simply convert the videos to animated gifs, but storyline re-compresses them into an unusable state, no matter how high my image/video settings are. The course in question made it through QA roughly a year ago without any issues, so it seems that this issue is a recent occurrence.

I also have an issue where I cannot edit video (storyline crashes and even task manager cannot close it). I found several posts from many years ago about this issue, and found the documentation on repairing storyline. I've uninstalled, ran the clean tool, checked .NET settings, re-installed, the works, and the issue is still present. Running storyline 2 on windows 10.

So TL;DR my question is - How can I have looping videos sharing a timeline with audio, without the audio getting cut off when media play is called?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Matthew,

The play media trigger isn't designed to stop all other media from playing, so that would explain why your videos could be overlapping the audio. As for the varying playback on devices, it may be the devices themselves that are not allowing for the media to overlap, as I know mobile Safari used to only allow one media file to play at a time. 

Storyline 2 also has limited HTML5 support across devices (compared with our newer versions of Storyline) so I'd want to check which OS and devices you experienced an odd behavior on. 

For the crashing that you've run into, does this only happen when trying to edit videos? It's not something I'd expect, and since it's been persistently plaguing you, it's worth having our Support Engineers take a look. They can walk you through pulling some error logs to figure out what's happening!