Storyline 2 - Problem with FLV files with alpha channels

Hi there Articulate. First of all congratulations with a new solid product. Looking forward to spending alot of time with it in the future. Now to my problem.

I record alot of material on green screen and use the video material in Articulate. But there is a problem with these FLV files in Storyline 2. Take a look at the following movies.

FLV movie with alpha in Storyline 1

In Storyline 1 this flv file is perfect. No problems at all.

FLV movie with alpha in Storyline 2

when I use the exactly same file in Storyline 2, the alpha channel doesent work. Here are my render settings in After Effects.

Please help me. I really want to use Storyline 2 for my projects.

Best regards

Morten Skoglund

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George Moureau

Quentin,Do you or Lisa use Final Cut Pro? There are a lot of different ways to arrive at the same end result. Below is an example. Not sure what you’re doing however I used CrazyTalk2 for the avatar, Final Cut Pro for the Titles and logo and imported it into Storyline2 to compress and encapsulate into an online CBT…I have by passed the FLV with an Alpha Channel…..

George Moureau

Gotcha! Thanks. I uploaded it as a post rather than through email response. It made it up to the discussion. Anyway, the point I’m trying make is that i stopped spinning my wheels on trying to produce flv’s with alpha channels and took a different route to the end result…

George Moureau

Quentin Steele

George, your clip looks great. Very similar to what we're trying to do, except with a human narrator. We have Final Cuts, but don't have that much experience using it. I guess it's time to learn. By the way, have you seen this page from Adobe that says if you use an earlier version of After Effects, you can still export FLV with Alpha Channel? 

Morten Skoglund
George Moureau

I have upgraded my mac and am using Final Cut Pro, sometimes AfterEffects (Cloud Version) and have found that it’s virtually impossible to export, save or otherwise produce flv files with an intact alpha channel any longer. Apple has decided that Flash must go...

Hope this helps,

George Moureau

Sorry for not answering the thread until now. Its true, both Apple and Adobe are phasing out old technologies like FLV, thus leaving us who have workflows using this in the ditch. But hey progress right? :)

so instead of using FLV's with alpha channel I just created a video file the same size as my slide with the same background.

Take a look at slide 3 "klinisk kommunikasjon" in this project

bye bye FLV

Quentin Steele

George & Morten:

I really like the clip you (Morten) posted. Very well done and similar to what we're trying to do. So you're saying you're now doing most of your "background" work in Final Cut Pro instead of Storyline because of the difficulty of creating FLV with alpha channel.

Have either of you seen any of Grovo's work? Here are a couple of videos about their approach: 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Bobby,

This forum discussion is a bit older, and as such I'm not sure exactly the issue that you're running into. If you're having an issue with some of your video files, our team is always happy to take a look. You can upload them using the form here, and our Support Engineers are around 24/7. 

Bobby P

Hi Ashley,

Yes I know this thread is a bit old but the issues still exist. I am currently dealing with this now. So my questions is. Any movement on this over the last two years?

I know that I can use the SL1 then import into Sl2 but I should not have to do this. It is just frustrating if over two years your programmers have not been able to fix this