Storyline 2 - Problem with FLV files with alpha channels

Hi there Articulate. First of all congratulations with a new solid product. Looking forward to spending alot of time with it in the future. Now to my problem.

I record alot of material on green screen and use the video material in Articulate. But there is a problem with these FLV files in Storyline 2. Take a look at the following movies.

FLV movie with alpha in Storyline 1

In Storyline 1 this flv file is perfect. No problems at all.

FLV movie with alpha in Storyline 2

when I use the exactly same file in Storyline 2, the alpha channel doesent work. Here are my render settings in After Effects.

Please help me. I really want to use Storyline 2 for my projects.

Best regards

Morten Skoglund

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Elizabeth Douglas

Oh dear. Here's my problem. I have some big SL2 .story files that have .flvs in them and they show black backgrounds when published.

I have downloaded the latest SL2 1609.3020 version. Same problem exists.

So, then deinstalled SL2, downloaded SL1, installed it,  pulled out the .flv files from the story_content folder (from the old published SL2 files) in the output.  And put them into SL1. And they still show black. 

Tried this with a white image (shape) behind them too. 

What do I do now??

Everyone is saying this has been fixed. But I don't see it. Have attached one of the nasty .flv 's for someone to prove me wrong.


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Elizabeth,

What browser are you viewing it in? I tested in Chrome and Firefox. 

Also, can you look at the end of the URL to confirm it's showing story.html vs. story_html5.html? FLV videos with alpha transparency will only work in Flash so if you've disabled Flash in your browser that could account for the black background as it's converting to an MP4 and removing the alpha channel transparency.

Ashley Terwilliger

That's expected Elizabeth if you're viewing the HTML5 output. Browsers like Chrome have started disabling Flash by default - and you'll see a bit more about that here.  

The story.html file is coded to present the Flash or HTML5 output based on the browser you're using and what it's capable of showing - so you may want to look at reenabling the Flash plugin for Chrome.