Storyline 2 projects played in Chrome browser

Back in June, I recieved a notification to install the latest update to Storyline2 because the browser Google's Chrome was having an issue with the autoplay button.  I also understood that all the previous projects had to be republished in the new updated version of Storyline2 or else the enduser would have an issue at the next release of Chrome.  I also heard that Chrome was putting in a patch to accomodate the folks that use Storyline2.  Is this true?  In the interet of saving time, can Articlulate clarify for me if the previous projects need to  be re-published ?


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Seth Seppanen

I have the latest version of Storyline 3 installed, but I'm still having problems with the audio playing in Chrome. If I run the output in Chrome from my local machine, a play button appears which resolves the problem. However, if I run the output from my website that links to the output on AWS, the audio doesn't start unless I click the audio button twice. Here is a link to the output on AWS:

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Seth and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :)

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know what you are running into. 

When using the link you shared above, I had to click to get the audio to play as well.

What happens when you use this link to your course:

That link auto-plays as expected for me. We typically advise sharing the story.html file to allow Storyline to determine how to display the content.