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I have a large Storyline 2 file that I have been trying for days to publish and it keeps crashing. I've tried importing the course into another S2 file, and still no luck. I've tried publishing to my C: drive and various network drives, and no go.

On top of that, it takes about 30-40 minutes every time I try to publish the file. It will act normally, show me the processing icon and then right as the progress bar hits about 80% complete, S2 crashes and I get an error message.

Hopefully someone can help me figure this out.

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Noel Read

Hi, large files are not an issue usually. Sometimes a computer may not be able to handle the file size and it can crash because of that. Here's some info on that:

When you publish there are some options for selecting the size/quality etc - so you might want to try playing around with those as well. I've attached an image of the menu for this. When you go to publish click on Custom Optimization and it brings up the options. Noel

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lynelle,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know what you are running into as well as the troubleshooting that you've already done.

We do recommend working and publishing to your local C: Drive.

Curious if the issue happens in any course you are working on or just this particular one? 

Are you able to preview the entire course?

If it's happening in any/all files, you should conduct a repair of your software.

Let me know how this troubleshooting helps.

Lynelle Hofman

Hello Leslie - 

Thank you for the help. I consistently have trouble publishing S2 files, where they crash and I have to try publishing over and over until finally it works. But this time I cannot get it to work. This issue doesn't appear with every S2 course I have, but it is an ongoing issue.

I am upgrading to S360 soon, perhaps that will help?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lynelle, 

I'm glad a part of it published, but let's figure out what exactly is going on with that file and your publishing process as a whole! 

I went ahead and opened a Support case for you, this will allow you to share a copy of the .story file with our Support Team if you're able and they can also confirm that you're consistently following the other best practices Leslie outlined.  They'll be in touch shortly to have you share a copy of that project and with other details.