Storyline 2: Publishing a Video with "Very High" Quality Settings but Still Getting Blurry and Blotchy Video

Jun 25, 2018

Hi you guys,

I'm trying to publish a Storyline slide as a video so that I can include it in my Rise course as an mp4.

Despite having set both the Audio and Visual Qualities to "Very High," when I insert the mp4 into Rise and play it, the video is blurry and very much the opposite of "high resolution." 

I'm perfectly willing to admit user error here, but I would love to hear suggestions on how to remedy this situation. Any tips or tricks? Thanks! 

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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Colin. I'd love to help out!

Mind sharing your .story file with me so I can take a closer look? I'll go through the same steps you took on my end and share my findings with you, so we can compare the quality. Simply pop it into this discussion by using the Add Attachment link in your reply, or share it privately with me here.

Excited to dig in; and you may have already seen this, but here are some great tips to ensure high-quality images and videos just in case! 

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