Storyline 2 Publishing Question

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I'm relatively new to Storyline and have some questions on publishing and delivering the courses. We want to do this via our website, not via an LMS. Is this do-able? What specifics do we need to set up in the back-end to make the courses deliverable via the web? What format should we publish in? HTML5 so mobile browsers can view it too? I think people would view the courses via their desktops as well as mobile devices. Any insight you can offer would be helpful, and please feel free to ask me questions, as I may be overlooking things or leaving out important issues.
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Tina nacrelli

I'm looking for more specific information on the actual uploading of the course, where it needs to be housed, what files are uploaded, etc.

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Ralf  Baum

Hi Tina,

first step is to publish the content with Flash and html5

Second step: Upload the complete folder to your intranet

Third Step: Check your hyperlink of the story.html    (it will have an adress like

Now take that link and embedd it into your website.

I hope this helps you a little bit.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Tina,

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As Ralf and Emily shared, you'll need to upload all the files from the published output to your server or website and then link to the story.html file. If you use that one, then even for your users who access on a mobile device they'll be presented with the HTML5 content based on how they access which is described here.