Storyline 2: Publishing without Articulate Mobile player still directs mobile browsers to mobile player


Everytime I publish my courses without the mobile app option selected the story.html page keeps redirecting mobile browsers to open the course by launching the mobile player.

I confirmed the amplaunch.html file is not being published in the root folder and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong to prevent this from happening.  Should I just redirect everything to story_html5.html page instead?


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Tom Mulkins

Hi Leslie,

There's no error I can detect.  I just deselect the "Use Articulate Mobile Player" option then publish which according to this: should direct mobile browsers to the html 5 version of the course.

After I publish the course and view story.html I get a Launch button instead of the html 5 course like in the attached.  The courses can be accessed at and I also attached one of the Storyline 2 sources to test for yourself.


Leslie McKerchie

Hi Tom!

Do you experience the same issue with my published link:

I published your course and unselected to publish to AMP, as it was selected when I took a look at your course, and I am not having an issue with viewing the HTML5 content.