Storyline 2: Question bank, two text entries per question

Jan 18, 2019

Hello Heroes,

I need advice please about the following: My course shall teach 1st level supporters, how to create user names and e-mail addresses in our company. There are several things to know depending on the names and during the last months we suffered from too many wrongly created user names / e-mail addresses.

What I would like to create is a name is randomly drawn from a question bank. No problem so far. For each name, the learner has to answer two questions, both via Text Entry: 1. user name, 2. e-mail address.

So I want to display e.g. "Mary Brown" on top of the screen and then they need to insert both values.

The only solution I can think of would be two questions banks and then asking for a user name in one question and asking for an e-mail address in another. The draw would most likely come up with different names then. So that is sadly not realistic at all! When new users are created, it is always user name and then the e-mail address for the person in one go, so it has to be on the same slide.

Is there any way to do this with a question bank without having to throw in what feels like hundreds of additional variables?

Thank you in advance and have a nice day,


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Nina Gerke

I've found a nearly-solution now: I use two question slides which are linked to each other. The first slide is designed to insert the user name. This is saved to an additional variable, so I can recall it on the second slide. Now on the second slide I have added a second text field, that recalls the additional variable. This creates the illusion, that the user name text entry is still there.

Why the additional variable? Well, on the first slide I can add the learner's input to it and recall it on the second slide. When the next question is drawn, the variable can be re-used so I don't have to adjust it for each and every slide. I hope this will save time :-)

I would still absolutely prefer to ask both questions on one slide. Does anybody of you know a solution for this?

Nina Gerke

Hi Alyssa,

Thanks for your reply. I've looked into the tutorial, but it is not what I need because it misses the question banks. There will be at least fifty question possibilities and I really need them randomized. Plus it would be more than tedious to take care of such a huge number of variables manually. So is there any way to combine this?

Thank you,

Nina Gerke

Hi again,

the beauty of being a Newbie. I totally missed that you can very well use Freeform questions within a question bank. So what I want seems possible, I only have to figure out the shortest way now. If anybody else stumbles across this topic: I found more necessary info in this topic and in this tutorial.

Thanks @Alyssa for nudging me into the direction I need :-)

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