Storyline 2 - Questionnaire with 36 questions, Likert Scale want to see and gather results in Blackboard Learn

Hi everyone!

I'm working on a Storyline 2,  36-question survey, the user has to choose between 1 and 10 for each question.  My survey has 5 questions per slide, for a total of 9 slides.  When I preview the project, I am able to select my choices of 1-10. That part of the survey seems to work fine, where I am stuck is how to get the survey to submit the results, and how the user is able to see their submission.  I plan on uploading the survey to Blackboard Learn 9.1. I have already been able to upload Scorm 1.2 files to Blackboard and with it reporting a check mark for completion.

I have been searching for any type of discussion on this, if anyone could help me, I would appreciate it.

Claude Abbott

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Claude Abbott

I was able to create a Results Slide which says the survey is complete and gives the user the option to review results. This lets them see all the answers they chose. I saved the file as a "SCORM Zip file" and uploaded it to Blackboard. I went to student view and completed the survey and the Grade Center shows that I completed it. As I teacher, I went to Grade Center and was able to View the Attempt. I noticed that the answers are all there, but there is no way to download them. Is there a way to get all the users submission to review?

Claude Abbott

Thanks for your reply.

I have another question regarding my survey. I have 5 questions per slide. Do get the results for each question, do I have to put each question on a separate slide? Would that make printing the results work?

I look forward to your reply.