Storyline 2: Quiz features - feedback and shuffling

I used the new import tool to insert questions into a scene which is a great addition! As before, I can select a group of quiz slides in story view and customize the player properties across all selected slides at once. When a Question Tools|Design tab appeared while slides were selected. I assumed that I would be able to change the items listed there (feedback, shuffling, etc.) on the selected slides at the same time. 

However, I could not adjust those options (feedback, shuffle, etc.) for all selected slides at the same time anywhere. I tried it in story view, managing the test bank view, in slide view, and in form view.  I had no feedback indicated in the excel file (i.e., no pipe followed by text), but upon import, the feedback default was  "by question" instead of "none" and the feedback slide appeared on preview with standard 'correct' or 'incorrect' response text.

Did I miss a way to turn on/off the shuffling of answers or changing the feedback mode for all or a group of selected slides at once?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nancy,

You can't change the individual question properties all at once, especially since different question types have different options for scoring, feedback, etc. 

In regard to those elements still appearing, they are not included on the excel document so they are applied automatically to all questions and you can disable them from within the question editor. For more information on importing questions from an excel or text file please review this article. 

Kathy Wasson

This issue is over five years old. Can the "Shuffle", "feedback", and "Answer Required" settings be set before import in SL360, or is there a way to change these settings for more than once slide at a time?

From what I can tell it always imports with Shuffle, feedback, and answer required as "on". And there is no way to change this on more than one question at a time (please correct me if I am wrong, but I have tried myriad ways).

If importing a great many questions, this is an inordinate amount of time for something that could/should be automated. There is nothing about the nature of testing that suggests these would always be the most likely scenarios to make them the default.

I would like to be able to accomplish this by highlighting all relevant slides and making the change or by setting a default before import. (while I understand the setting does not apply to all question types, SL should be smart enough to apply to the questions those would apply to).

I could even see adding the ability to effect that setting in the import, for the question types those settings apply to.

Or am I missing something big, and the ability is there?

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kathy,

The same is true for Storyline 360 as well, and you can find our documentation here.

The default for each question type is what is set in the project file when you import questions.

Any adjustments to these settings must happen on a slide by slide basis.

I can certainly see where this would be a timesaving feature request. Would you be willing to share your idea with our team here along with the use-case of why the default settings do not fit your requirements, and the ability to change would be helpful?