Storyline 2 quiz not communicating with my LMS

Dec 02, 2016

We discovered that learner responses from Storyline quizzes were not being communicated to our LMS. I contacted our LMS provider and after some investigation,  they determined the SCORM packages are published as 'SCORM 1.3' and need to be published as 'SCORM 2004'. The odd thing is, 'SCORM 1.3' isn't even an option for Storyline 2, and I did publish as 'SCORM 2004'. Any ideas as to what may be causing this inconsistency?


Thank in advance!



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Cassandra Miller

Hello all,

Thanks for the replies.

My LMS provider did test on the SCORM cloud and said they received a ‘Parser Warning’. This is what he reported:

I uploaded the package into SCORM cloud and it seems that SCORM cloud is recognizing the package as SCORM 2004 2nd edition. However, when you review the package imsmanifest it seems that the package is publish as a 1.3 object. SCORM cloud is also projecting a "the Sequencing Control Mode 'Flow' was detected on a leaf node, but is only applicable to cluster nodes" parser warning. ​​
Lastly, I did a bit of research on the Articulate forums and it seems that the parser warning is caused by an incorrect value that is produced during the publishing process. This is the link I found:

Any ideas?

Thanks again!


Alyssa Gomez

Hi again Cassandra,

At this stage since you found errors when testing in SCORM Cloud, I would recommend reaching out to our Support Engineers directly so they can investigate with you to get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible. Be sure to share your case number here with us so we can follow along and relay helpful info in this thread for anyone else in the community that may encounter the same problem! :) 

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