Storyline 2 quiz questions not saving edits in group questions

Hi.  I imported a quizmaker 09 test into Storyline 2.  I have 15 groups with 3 questions in each group. (My test draws one question per group randomly to the learner.)  I had to edit several questions and also deleted 3 groups, so I now only have 12 groups.  When I published the test into word, I noticed all 15 groups showed up and my edits were not there.  When I open the SL file and look at a group of questions, my edits do not show.  But if I double click on a question to open it, I can see my edits.  What do I have to do to make the edits "stick"?  I also tried adding a new question and had no problem with that, so my guess is it has to do with the importing.  See attachment for screen samples.   I have 10 tests that I need to import and hope this can be fixed.  Thank you!



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Emily Ruby

Hello Jan,

I want to confirm that you are working locally as described here.  As far as the words edits, I would like to see if you could share the file for us to take a look. For the 3 removed banks, did you just remove the banks from a slide draw? If so, they will still show up in a Word publish as they are still a part of the file itself.

Jan Morris

Hi.  We are fairly certain we did everything from a local drive, but we will import again just to be certain.  Is there any way to use the file that I have though because it already has all the edits in it?  Or is it just junk?

I would be happy to email the file to you ... where should I send it?   I can't post it here in a public forum per company guidelines.