Storyline 2 Quiz Review Problem

Hello All,

I have created a few exercises and quizzes where I have disabled the "Prev" and "Next" controls on the slides so the users have to submit their answers to move on. At the end of the exercisesthere is a result slide that has a "Review Exercise" button that triggers a review of the results. When the user clicks on this, it takes them to the first question but the arrows don't show up to allow them to review the next question. Only the submit button is showing!

In the previous version of Storyline when the users clicked on "Review Exercise"the "Prev" and "Next" navigation arrows showed upto allow the users to go back and forth through the exercises. Now I'm using Storyline 2 this isn't happening anymore and users are stuck in the first slide and can't move onto the next.

How can I make the "Prev" and "Next" arrows show up when the users are reviewing their results?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Luis,

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It seems others have encountered the same issue. If you scroll down to around October 9th, you'll see that Leslie says a couple of cases have been filed and the support team is looking into this.

Not sure if the team would like to have your file as well (if you can share it), but I'm sure Leslie or one of the Articulate staff will let you know.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi luis and welcome to Heroes!

If you'd like to share your file here with us or even in the form of a support case, we can add it to our QA report so that they have more examples. Otherwise, I'll include this thread in the existing report so that they're aware of other users being impacted and so that we can share any additional updates here with you all.