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Sep 16, 2015

I am using Storyline 2 for an exam and have question groups and pooling.  I am using the Menu option and showing the questions so that students can skip around and answer in any order.  The problem is that when the student gets to the last question group before the results slide and submits, the whole quiz/exam gets submitted even with questions unanswered.  What triggers do I need to change to allow for free navigation but to still make sure every question gets answered before the results slide shows?

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Tabitha -- Thanks for your response, and I certainly understand!

You are welcome to either edit to remove confidential material and send a 'pared-down' version of your file if you would like input from the community, or you can send it to me privately using this link. Whichever you are most comfortable doing works for us, and we'll do our best to sort things out! :)

Tabitha Garland

I stripped it down to be a dummy exam to give you an example of what I am doing. There are 3 pools with a total of 6 questions asked. The menu at the left shows all 6 questions that are being asked and you can skip around and answer them in any order, EXCEPT that if you answer question 6, it automatically goes to the results slide and gives you your score even if you have questions that were not answered.  What do I need to change in my triggers or navigation to get it to make sure that all questions are answered first?

Tabitha Garland

Ok that makes sense, but what about the fact that it's pooled?  Not every question variable will have been touched.  Do I need to set a counter for when a question is actually submitted and when the counter gets to the number of questions that are asked, then go to the results slide?  But once you submit, you leave that question, so I don't know if you can set a counter then.  You can't set it before you submit because students can look at a question without answering it.

Christie Pollick

Hi, Tabitha - Thanks for your response. Since you are only looking for 6 questions, you will want to put a variable for each one, but only allow for the submission to the results slide based on it being equal to 6. And since you're not using feedback layers, you can add it to the submit button, but you will want to make sure the trigger is listed before the "submit interaction" trigger. Hope that helps! 

Michele Roetnor


I am helping Tabitha with this issue and have come up with the following. The issue now is that if you answer the last question first and then go answer another question and then go back to the last question it will let you change the answer on the last question (instead of locking in the answer like on the other questions). How can we fix it so that the answer is locked in? 

Christie Pollick

Hi, Tabitha and Michele - 

Ok, so it appears that the reason you may be able to go back and change it is because the jump to slide trigger is above the Submit interaction trigger, so it is not being submitted (please move that underneath the Submit interaction trigger).

And it also looks like the last 2 slides were set to submit only if the variable was 6, so it was never submitting. Those adjustments should help, and hopefully, the community can also chime in with some suggestions. :)

Michele Roetnor

On the last set of questions, there isn't a jump to slide trigger. It is the last set of questions that we are having the issue with. I tried moving the jump to slide trigger down in the other questions but it has not helped our issue with the last question. I have made this video showing what are issue is in the hope that it will help. 

Christie Pollick

Hello, all -- 

I just wanted to stop in and share an update on Tabitha's ticket in with our Support team. After a few suggested workaround did not work for her situation, it was determined that this issue would need to be submitted with our QA team:

"The behavior that you experience appears to happen when the Question bank is placed at last part of the course. We were able to duplicate this issue and have reported this case to our Quality Assurance Team for review. I cannot offer a time frame for when or if this issue will be resolved. 

Unfortunately I was unable to determine a workaround. You may need to take a different approach to complete your course."  

Any additional updates received will be shared here in the thread, and thanks for your patience! :)

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