Storyline 2 radio buttons don't work in HTML5 verison

We are considering upgrading our SL licences to SL2. The primary driver for this is not the new features, although those are welcome, but the fact that SL1 is no longer tracking and completing properly on iPads with iOS8 and has significant bugs in a Citrix environment.

SL2 resolves both those issues. BUT instead of it being a simple task to convert a SL1 course to SL2, we find that the radio buttons in SL2 are not behaving. Unlike SL1 if used in the standard question template, you need to tap on the answer text not the button to select your answer (although if you click enough times consecutively on a button it will eventually register).

That is irritating and unintuitive, but not a deal breaker. Much worse though is that when the same radio buttons are used on a non-standard page, for example to select from a number of graphical objects, the radio buttons don't work at all.

We can of course redesign all the affected pages but that turns a straightforward conversion task into a major job - we have several hundred SL1 e-learning courses.

Radio buttons are such a core action type in eLearning that it is hard to believe we are the only ones to be affected by this bug.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Peter,

I'm sorry to hear about the odd behavior you've experienced in the upgrade of files to SL2, but I don't see a reported bug that matches what you've described, so I'd like to have you check into a few things:

  • When upgrading your files, are you working on them locally as described here?  
  • Likely you're on a trial of Storyline 2, so I suspect using the latest update, but can you confirm it's update 5 by going to the Help tab and clicking on About Articulate Storyline? 
  • When testing the published output, are you using one of the supported browsers here for HTML5? 
  • Have you tested the same set up on a new SL2 file to confirm that it's not something specific to how these files were created?

If you're still seeing the behavior, we'll want to take a look at one of your .story files. You can share the original SL1 file and the upgraded SL2 file and then we'll run through some testing. 

Peter Phillips


Thanks for the reply. Answering your questions:

* Yes, the files were worked on locally

* Yes, it is update 5 (and yes it is the trial version)

* Yes, the browsers are on your list

* No. Our aim is to test whether we can easily convert several hundred SL1 courses to SL2 or whether it will need us to rework them, so this is really about the conversion process rather than new content.

The files are too big to attach to an email but you can download them from these links.

Screens 2 and 4 are examples of the radio buttons not working on an iPad. I appreciate that these pages could be designed differently and not need radio buttons, but that doesn't resolve the upgrade problem. Square selection boxes on other screens work fine.

Many thanks


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Peter! 

Perhaps I am not understanding the issue that you are reporting here, but your courses work the same in both versions for me on my iPad. 

Do you see the same results in my published output, or can you tell me how to reproduce the error that you are seeing?



Peter Phillips

Thanks Leslie,

The good news is that the link is working now. The bad news is that I've just tested it on my iPhone and can't get past Screen 2 as the radio buttons are not working (They work fine on PC). So you should be able to see the problem too. My phone is on the latest iOS version 8.4


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Leslie McKerchie

Glad that the link is finally working :)

I was not testing your course on an iPhone, but in doing so (also on 8.4) I am seeing the difficulty in selecting the radio buttons as you are describing. I was able to make a selection, but it was multiple attempts and I could move to the next slide.

I do not think this is the expected behavior of course and I am reporting this to our QA Team for review.