Storyline 2 Randomly Generated File Names Are Different With Every Published Version of the Same Course File

Apr 20, 2017

Every time I republish the same course file, it fails to give all the files the same names. This is a serious problem for our company, as we have over 200 employees who design and develop courses. Many of these use either Storyline 2, Lectora and/or Captivate. If the algorithm that generates the file names that are published, changes the names of files every time the same course is republished, it would be a deal breaker for us.

We have 2 LMSs, Cornerstone and Meridian. Currently, Cornerstone requires that anytime you need to update content in a course, which happens often, you must replace a course's files with the exact same number of files that all have exactly the same names. Does anyone know of a way to make sure the names that are given to course files, are the same names the files were given the last time it was published?

According to this post, the files are randomly generated, and there's nothing that can be done. Is that really the case?

In this post, STAFF MEMBER, Crystal Horn said:

"The names that are given to your media files are randomly generated; there is no hard rule to it..."

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Ted, 

Storyline is going to generate the random names for the media files, but the basic course name and title should remain the same if you didn't change it. Also the Course ID and LMS identifier is typically what an LMS is using as the reference point.

Is that what Cornerstone relies on or is their system checking each individual file and file name? 

Since you could be making larger, more sweeping changes in the course there could be a number of file names changing because there are new elements in the file. How does Cornerstone handle that behavior? 

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