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Nancy Woinoski

The blurry text issue is fixed and so is the blurry video. They completely redesigned the text editor so not only is the text crisp but you have more control over spacing and can even use custom bullets now.   I am not sure what you mean by the blurry image issue as I have never had a problem with images.

John Toh

Thanks for the update Nancy! and it's great that the text issue is fixed

If you compare the 2 images below, the buttons (.jpg) looked blurry after published. The image quality is set to 100% in the publish setting.

A workaround suggested by a forum member was to create the image in bigger size, then resized it in Storyline. This improved the clarify, but as you can see, it's still quite blurry.

Nancy Woinoski

Yes I do see that. I can't say for sure but I think that will still be the case in SL2. You will probably have to bring in a larger image and then scale it down in Storyline. The trick is getting the right ratio.

Can I ask how that image was created in the first place? To me it looks like it might be better to save a .png instead instead of a jpeg.

Kevin Thorn

HI John,

Since your graphic is flat in design and not a lot of colors, have you tried exporting as a GIF as opposed to a rastered PNG or JPG image?

Another option is a trick I've used in the past in Photoshop. Create your document as a CMYK 300 dpi document (even though it will be RGB and viewed on the web). Once you create the document space, you can change the color profile to RGB but will still export to that higher resolution.  

You can resize it smaller in SL1 or 2 but the source image will still retain the file size. In this case, open the exported file (GIF, PNG, or JPG) back in Photoshop and then resize the image to the dimensions you need in Storyline. Now you have a smaller file size but retained the higher resolution.

Flat graphic designs like shown in your post can actually be done quite well and crisp in PPT. You don't even have to save to image. Just copy the graphic layout from PPT and paste in Storyline and it will treat it as an image. If you need it in your external asset library, just Right Click > Save Picture from Storyline. 

Finally, if you have Illustrator I find that creating them as vectors and exporting as PNG are better quality than Photoshop. I 'create outlines' of text and covert to vector shapes. Now there's no aliasing of the fonts during export.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi John,

I'm glad that Kevin and Nancy were able to assist you here in regards to your graphic and text questions. I also wanted to let you know that SL1 and SL2 can run on the same machine, so you're welcome to download the trial of SL2 first and conduct testing to see how your projects will work and look before going through the upgrade. 

Hope that helps and let us know if you have any other questions!