Storyline 2 Repeatedly Crashes during Search and Replace

Jan 31, 2017

This has been a recurring problem for a long time for me — maybe a couple of years. Storyline 2 will frequently crash while doing Search and Replace. Generally what happens for me is after the first 5-10 instances of a Replace the item being searched won't highlight on the screen as normal. Then within 2-3 seconds Storyline throws up an error message saying there was an error and application may close, asking if I want to send a report to Articulate. Usually I am able to save my work and exit but sometime the application just closes completely. I have chosen to sent the report to Articulate a few times but haven't opened a support case directly.

I'm wondering if this is a known issue or others are experiencing it.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey, Brett, sorry you're running into this! This certainly should not be happening. What update of Storyline 2 are you using? If you aren't on Update 11, you can download that update right here. Also, are you working from your local hard drive or a network drive? Working on a network drive can use erratic behavior, so you'd want to avoid that. 

If you're on the latest update, working locally, and still seeing this issue, try doing a repair of Storyline 2, then contact our Support Engineers for one on one troubleshooting if the issue persists after the repair. 

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