Storyline 2 results calculation issues

Hello. I have created a medical terminology exam that consists of 54 questions taken randomly from 54 question banks (2 questions in each bank, except 1) plus 4 slides that were freeform interactive drag and drop questions (total 58). Most questions in the question bank are multiple choice or true/false. One question bank question is matching 3 items which scores 1 point in total (the user would have to get all three correct to get the point). 

Each of the drag and drops has 5 items but I have indicated 1 point for the slide.  So, the user has to get all 5 correct to get the point.

The total points should be 58.

When I go through the course in Preview or in a published version in a LMS Sandbox, the scoring changes.  There are 58 points and 80% correct is 46.4. Sometimes the results reflect this. However, sometimes it indicates that there are 67 total points and 80% is 53.6.

Does anyone have any ideas why this scoring changes and what it might be including in the total points?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Barb,

Thanks for sharing the details of your quiz. It certainly sounds like you've set up everything correctly. You mentioned that the scoring sometimes changes in Preview mode. Does that mean that when you preview the course, sometimes the total score is 58 and other times it's 67? Are you using a built-in Results Slide with the default triggers? 

If Preview mode is giving you consistent scoring but your LMS is inconsistent, I'd recommend testing the content in SCORM Cloud, which is industry standard for LMS testing.  If it works as it should in SCORM Cloud but not in your LMS, then it's safe to assume that the issue is related to your LMS.

Alyssa Gomez

Hey Barb,

Thanks for that clarification. Is it possible for you to share your file with us so we can take a closer look? You can either share it here in the thread, or you can send it to our support engineers here if you'd rather not share it publicly. 

Also I wanted to mention that responding via email includes your email signature here. You're welcome to come back into the thread and edit out that information, if you'd like. :)