Storyline 2: Reveal Master Slide layer with trigger?

I've created a custom on-click show/hide menu within the master slide deck. The menu itself is on a slide layer on the master slide. While it's functioning properly, a nice-to-have feature would be to trigger the menu  to pop-up when a user reaches the end of a slide when they need to click the next button. 

Any suggestions on how to accomplish this when the slide layer I'm attempting to trigger is on the master slide?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hey there Katie! Welcome to Heroes!

I put together a quick sample file for you that has a menu that appears when the timeline ends. The key is to build the layer on a Master Layout, then select the same Master Layout for all of your slides. In my sample, I added the layer to the Title and Content master layout, so I used the Title and Content layout for all of the slides. I hope this helps!