Storyline 2 Review Quiz Previous Button not working correctly

Good morning,

When selecting the Review Quiz next button I see only the questions that were checked to be visible.  However, when selecting the previous button while reviewing the quiz it takes to the training slides instead of only the questions that were scored.  How can I either remove the previous button, or fix it to only access the quiz questions scattered throughout the training during review and not the training slides.  It's confusing to our end-users based on our UAT.

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Janet Mudd

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for the information.  I tried setting the triggers like the screencast which was also found on YouTube.  Setting to the "previous" button as that is the one that was showing the content slides; the "next" button in review quiz was responding correctly.  It did not correct the issue with the previous button during review.

I then followed the forum thread setting the previous button trigger on the quiz slides to show only the previous quiz slides if the variable was true.  This did result in only seeing the quiz slides, no content I assume.  I'm not certain as the slides just transition almost immediately to the next quiz review question without prompting.  (See attached screen capture.)  Any ideas anyone?