Storyline 2 saving as Storyline 1


 I've started a few new projects using Storyline 2. Unfortunately when I save the file it saves as a Storyline 1 file. I do have both programs on my computer, however, I'm not sure what the issue is. I have attempted to save as in a different location but it still saves as a storyline 1 file. When I attempt to open the file it will not open because it says it was opened using a previous version of storyline. The only way that I can access the project is if I open Storyline 2 directly and look at my most recent course list and select it from there. Has anyone else had this problem? Any feedback would be much appreciated! Thank you so much!

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Phil Mayor

It is more a file permissions error, Storyline 2 cannot save as Storyline 1 it does save with the same file extension and the associated icon is based on which has priority on your system.

Try reinstalling Storyline 2 which sort out the file association, but you will then have a similar issue when you want to open in SL1