Storyline 2 / SCORM 1.2 issue

Dec 16, 2014


I'm currently having problems with a SCORM 1.2 course published using Storyline 2. The course is for one of my clients Moodle LMS but I have also tested it on our LMS provided by Kallidus, and have had the same results. It seems that the data allowance is getting used up very quickly and the 6 module e-learning course only tracks up to around the first 2 modules. So any progress after that is not saved for the user when they re-enter the course.

I have had this problem in the past with a SCORM 1.2 course, but it was a huge course and so was to be expected. This course, plus 1 extra course that I tested today are much smaller and the progress is only being tracked/saved for around 30% of the course.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? I have a theory (although I won't be able to test it until tomorrow morning) that it is a Storyline 2 issue. I believe if I publish the course with SL1 it will track and save the entire users progress, then if I publish the exact same course with SL2 it won't successfully track and save the users progress (as I am currently experiencing).

I have never encountered this before when creating small to medium sized courses in Storyline, so seems coincidental that the last 2 courses I have created (using SL2) have tracking/saving issues.

I'll test tomorrow, but any help would be much appreciated!



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Rob Mcilwain

I have now tested both versions of the course, the first created in SL1 and the second, the same course but upgraded to SL2 and they do behave differently.

The SL1 version saves around 75% of the course before the date allowance runs out and the SL2 version saves around 25% of the course before the data allowance runs out. My initial thought is this is quite poor, why does exactly the same course use so much more data when exported with SL2? Unfortunately however I am no closer to solving my problem. I have to stay with SCORM 1.2 as it is to sit on a moodle LMS.

Does anyone have any ideas of a work around? Is there any way to publish so that the data allowance isn't so heavily consumed?

Please help!!!!!!

Dan Marsden

as Phil suggests we added a feature to Moodle 2.7 to allow more than the SCORM 1.2 spec allows to be stored in suspend_data but this relies on the SCORM package not truncating the data before it is sent to the LMS (others may be able to help you on how Articulate supports this)

In Moodle 2.7 (or higher) if you go to: admin > plugins > activities > SCORM there is a setting "scorm12standard" - uncheck that option.

If you are using an older release of Moodle the post Phil links to above points to the Moodle code that you could change manually to support this.

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