Storyline 2 (SCORM 2004) quiz not showing complete in LMS

Hello E-Learning Heroes,

Have there been any issues noted with Storyline 2 quizzes that have been published as SCORM 2004 not showing complete in my LMS (gradebook and quiz feature are Moodle)? I have a 10-question Storyline quiz that shows complete when published as SCORM 1.2, but not if published as SCORM 2004. SCORM 2004 courses with a Results slide show complete, it's just quizzes.

Thanks, Mark

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mark! 

I'm not sure that I'm following. Scorm 1.2 shows as complete in LMS, but not Scorm 2004? Then you stated that Scorm 2004 with a result slide show as complete? 

How are you expecting to track the quizzes if you are not utilizing a results slide? 

Do you experience the same behavior if you test the content in SCORM Cloud or is this limited to your LMS?