Storyline 2: SCORM assessment on iPad doesn't launch


I've this SCORM assessment uploaded on SumTotal LMS. While the assessment works fine on most of the devices including iPhone, it doesn't work on iPad. 

Upon debugging, I found that the below code snippet in index_lms_html5.html is the culprit. 

if (globals.bUseMobilePlayer && globals.biPad)




The courses is launching actually on iPad, but an extra window is showing on top of course for iPads. If I comment the above code - the assessment works fine on LMS. 

The shows that the assessment does have extra condition for iPad to show extra page on top of actual page. This condition is only for iPad and due to this the course is not launching also not sending course data to our SCORM APIs.

Please let know, why this comes and how to avoid this. Also here is the publishing details I used. 

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