Storyline 2 Scorm in Moodle 3.1 - position is off on opening

Hi Heroes!

After endless problems with Storyline 1 in Moodle and iPad viewing - mostly not viewing, I have downloaded S2 to try and am pleased and relieved to find I can view content when published as a SCORM on iPad.

Whilst that is a big step forwards, there is a significant issue with where the content positions on the page/screen.

On iPad I have not been able to get rid of the expand navigation arrow at the top left of the presentation which pushes the bottom part of the presentation off the screen.

On laptop, though the SCORM is set to open in a new window in Moodle, it opens in a pop up which is as wide as the screen, but not deep enough to see the whole presentation.

Can anyone advise which settings I need to change to get the presentation to open in a new window which is screen sized on laptop (like a usual 'new window' is) and to hide the expand navigation arrow on iPad?

Many thanks in advance!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Debbie, 

When you embed a published course in an iFrame, the iFrame takes control of the content's placement. Depending on how the iFrame behaves, content might appear to be misaligned, cut off, or even have scroll bars. It sounds like that's what you're running into with your Moodle course? 

Some learning management systems (LMSs) display content in an iFrame by default, have you checked with Moodle to see if they had specific settings to counteract that? You could always take a look at the behavior of the story size, player/browser settings too and force it to be a bit smaller than the expected device screen size.