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Hi there,

I have just been sent a SL2 SCORM 1.2 package to load into our LMS. A reporting requirement of the LMS is that the lesson_status is set to completed/incomplete, but when the required number of slides is visited the package sends "passed" instead of "completed".

I have double checked with the supplier and they have definitely set the tracking to completed/incomplete.

Is this a bug?


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Steve Flowers

Hey Tony -

Tough to tell. All of my SCORM 1.2 package outputs from SL2 are set to Completed / Incomplete and report correctly with "completed" and "incomplete". The default is "Passed/Incomplete". It could be the supplier isn't looking in the right place for the setting.

The LMS might also have some logic or a SCO setting in admin that expects a score. I've never seen logic flip to passed from completed. But I have seen it go the other way. Do you have a SCORM debug log? You might also try uploading to SCORM Cloud to see if the symptoms change. If it's reporting "passed" to SCORM Cloud, the publish settings are not set correctly.

Tony Chilvers

Thanks Emily.

I have had a message back from the support team to say it has been passed to the Quality Assurance team and flagged as critical, but no information as to when or IF(?) it will be addressed.

In some way, I hope it is a content issue and not a packaging problem. It would be a shame if your new product has been released with a fundamental flaw in the SCORM packaging.

At the moment I will have to inform all content developers in our business that they cannot upgrade to SL2 until the problem has been resolved.


Steve Flowers

Just ran a test and I'm getting the same results as TC for a story that tracks by slides visited. Always sets to passed using this publish setting.

Using a score, I'm getting Completed passed consistently.  The other strangeness is the lesson status is returning as not attempted on subsequent attempts. I would expect this to return the last known status. This could be a SCORM cloud thing.

Looks like the issue is constrained to slide count based completion logic. Another approach to completion is using the Javascript trigger:

var lmsAPI = parent;
lmsAPI.SetScore(90, 100, 0);

This would enable using a variety of completion conditions beyond those provided out of the box. So if you wanted to say "If the user scores at least 50% on one quiz, 90% on another, and visits slides 15, 25, 35, and 42, they are completed" you could do this with a JavaScript trigger with conditions.

Tony Chilvers

I agree ;) I am a Web Developer myself and have fairly strong JS skills.

However I can't force the content developers across our business to learn JS. Most of them are learning designers, who have migrated from the early Studio releases to SL. Triggers can be complicated enough to explain to some, so the idea of trying to take them through JS is daunting to say the least.

One of these days I will try to work out exactly how many people we have within the company who are using Articulate packages.

Phillipe Grandin


I had the same issue with SL 1 and it has been fixed in the update 3...

So I bought SL2 thinking all the previous version's bug have been fixed but obviously sl2 is based on sl1's earlier version's branch...

Today, I'm using the lastest sl1 evaluation version to publish my courses...

Tony Chilvers

Hi there,

I received an email on the 2nd of December saying that this problem was scheduled to be issued with the next update release. Update 3 was then released on the 10th of December with no mention of the issue in the release notes.

Can anyone confirm if it is worth installing this update or will it not resolve the issus I have with the SCORM reporting in SL2?

Regards TC

Tony Chilvers

Nice to know that, fairly critical, fixes that I was told that have already been resolved were not included.

I have been an advocate of Articulate since very early Studio days and I am really losing faith in the development of the package.

SL2 being released as a new product after the Learning Heroes community provided all of the bug reporting and update suggestions, was a major slap in the face IMHO, and now an issue that is preventing the use of SL2 SCORM packages on our LMS seems to have been put to one side is not what I would call good customer service.


Emily Ruby

Hello Tony,

As Steve mentioned, Update 3 was an emergency release due to an issue with Adobe Flash Player. You can read more about that here. Currently the team is working on another update to provide other fixes that were already in the works. It would be beneficial to use the update 3, as Storyline will not work when your Flash Player updates to 16.

When the next update is ready, I will post the information here.