Storyline 2 Screen Size

May 01, 2017

What screen size setting do you regularly use ? The default is approximately 3x4 and the other option is around 6x9.  There's also a custom option (which I don't want to mess with).   I've always left it at the default.  I just recently noticed I could even change this setting.  

Which setting allows you to upload PowerPoint templates without making backgrounds go wonky? (Wonky is a technical term.)

My organization's branded templates don't seem to keep their dimensions when I upload them now.  Hoping your feedback will guide me to the best practice.



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Wendy Farmer

Hi Katie

it's really a personal or client preference as to the dimensions of your slide size. But to answer your question.

Powerpoint's default slide size is 1028 x 768 which is a 4:3 ratio. SL default slide size is 720 x 540 which is also 4:3 ratio.

Here is a tutorial that talks about Story size that might answer your 'wonky' query.


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