Storyline 2: Seeing objects from base layer in layers even with 'hide objects on base layer' selected.


I'm using Storyline 2. I'm doing simple interactions where the user clicks a picture and a new layer appears. I've set up a trigger to add a check mark to the picture on the base layer after it has been selected. The initial state of the check mark is hidden. In my layers, this check mark is appearing. No other objects from the base layer are appearing. I've never encountered this before.

Any suggestions? Thanks, Tyson

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Emily Ruby

Hello Tyson,

have you looked into adding the checkmark into the picture itself under states, and just using the built in Selected state?

In your layers themselves, do you have "hide object on base layer" selected in the slide properties?  You could also share the file here if you would like us to take a look.

Tyson Mielke

Thank you Emily for the reply. I ended up using your suggestion of adding the checkmarks to the pictures under states. I did have the "hide object on base layer' selected for each layer. What I didn't mention earlier is that I used a 'freeform' hot spot to outline each image. Not sure if that was contributing to the issue. All good now.

Pierrette MacLeod

I am currently having the same issue.  I have created objects with normal and visited states and using hotspots to trigger learners to layers.  On each layer I have selected all objects from base layer to be hidden, yet I am seeing my visited state shape appear on my layers.

I have attached a copy of my slide for you to see what I mean.  The chart itself I copied from PowerPoint, therefore I used shapes to create triggers

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Pierrette!  Thanks for including your .story file.  Since the trigger to change the state of the rectangles was firing after the layer was being shown, the state change was appearing in the layer.  I wouldn't expect that to happen either, but I fixed it by changing the order of the triggers.  I set it so the state change would fire first, and then the layer would be shown for each rectangle.  Layers are shown so quickly that you don't see the state change until you go Back from the layer.

I've attached your modified file.  I hope that helps!