Storyline 2 sends the previous assessment result to the LMS even if I just look at content


We have developed a module in Storyline 2 and deployed it on an LMS.

Assessment results are passed on fine, but if I get a fail first, and then later open the module again to check the content again and then close the module without retrying the assessment, the LMS still records another assessment attempt with the same score as the previous real assessment attempt. So I can just look at a bit of content, but I end up with the string of failed assessment attempts, which doesn't make the learners look particular clever ... I only completed the assessment once, but I now have 5 failed assessment attempt after testing.

How can we fix this? What's gone wrong?



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Christie Pollick

Hi, Sabine -- Thanks for your question! Have you had an opportunity to test your output on the SCORM Cloud, and if so, are you seeing the same results there? If not, you may want to reach out to your LMS provider directly for further assistance.

You may also want to share the name of the LMS you are using here in the thread, as we may have others in the community who have had similar experiences and can share their input. :)

Sabine Nolte


In the Scorm cloud we get a pass if we the pass mark has been reached and an "incomplete" if a fail pass mark has been reached. The scores for passes and fails are recorded correctly in the Scorm cloud.

We also noticed that the LMS records an attempt even if I just complete 3 out of 10 questions and then close the module. If I answer 2 out of those 3 questions correctly, the LMS records and attempt with a score of 20%. So it must send a score before the results slide is reached.

Totally puzzling!