Storyline 2 - Sequence Drag + Drop Review

Hi there! Yesterday I created a 1-question (sequence drag + drop) quiz with a Results slide. I created a Review layer on the question, but it says only "Review: The red numbers indicate the correct order". After submitting the quiz question and clicking the Review button from the Results slide, Storyline 2 automatically revealed the correct order by changing incorrectly ordered numbers red and correct ones green. It was perfect! Today I duplicated that document, and used that quiz question and Results slide to make a 3-question quiz, which contains that sequence drag + drop and two other questions. But when I review this quiz from the Results screen, Storyline 2 does NOT reveal the correct order. I changed nothing but the content of the drag + drop bars. Any ideas as to why this worked (and still works) in one document and not the other? Thanks for any help you can offer!

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