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Understand that a serial number can only be use in 2 machines. Currently one of my machine (Machine A) did not deactivate the license first before undergoes reformat. When my Machine A returns I could not activate the license again stating that usage limited. At the very moment, I've been deactivating and activating the remaining one license use, between my two machines which is inconvenience. I've reported this issue to the support team. But seems like they could not be any help. 

Have any of you faced this issue before and how to solve this? I'm just wondering what if one day, one of the machine got stolen then how? Can't I deactivate from all machines like how Adobe can?

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Emily Ruby

Hi Everyone, 

I just wanted to clarify here that we are not able to deactivate any machines from our end. Sometimes we can make exceptions with adding activations, but we are not able to actually deactivate any machines.

We do ask to submit a support ticket for all activation cases so we can handle on a case by case basis.  Here is a link to our EULA. 


Christoffer Bengt

I used your e-mail. See below:


From: Christoffer Bengt Jørgensen
Sent: 5. september 2018 14:03
Subject: resetting licenses for storyline 2



As we have changed to new computers and have not “unlicensed” the old, I would like to know if you could please reset all our licenses. I don’t know if there is anything you need more from me.






Christoffer Bengt Meier