Storyline 2 serious issue in setting score after reset result slide

Hi everyone, after publishing several courses in sl2 our customers started notifying problems on tracking status of the scorms. It happens that a course status is being set as completed also when the real score is less than the passing score. So we made a very accurate debug on scorm cloud using the debug function to discover where the error occurs. It happens if you insert a final test with the option to retry it after a failed attempt (having a lower score than passing score). The trigger "Reset results x.x Results When the user clicks" generate a strange sequential assignment of score that increases until reaches 100 and by consequence set the status as completed.

example of the wrong assignment registered in the log, after obtaining a score of 20/100 and clicking "retry quiz":

 In SetScore, intScore=20, intMaxScore=100, intMinScore=0
In SetScore, intScore=25, intMaxScore=100, intMinScore=0
In SetScore, intScore=33.33, intMaxScore=100, intMinScore=0
In SetScore, intScore=50, intMaxScore=100, intMinScore=0
In SetScore, intScore=100, intMaxScore=100, intMinScore=0

all the previous assignment are passed in a sort of loop error.

I attached the log for inspection.

This bug is invalidating all the scorm that are present on LMS because of completion status, so we had to  remove all Storyline 2 courses from the list in the LMS and we are facing an hard situation.

Anyone has experienced the same?

thank you


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marketing dev

Hi everyone, we have the same issue. 

Clients make a wrong choice in questions and when they choose to try again and achieve 100% pass the system doesnt not recognise the new result and the learner cannot finish the course.

I discovered this by setting myself up with a personal account - it wasnt the moodle LMS system but the scorm content refusing to record the new result.

We had to manually edit the grade in the system to 100%.

Never had this problem before - am not sure if it has something to do with adding multiple question selections and a drag and drop (before the q's were just radio buttons). 

Will need to test the theory out when I get some time - but has anyone tested this out before?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

This discussion is a bit older - so I don't know if folks are subscribed. The resetting of the score is up to the LMS and may not occur if the course is being viewed in 'review' mode. That can happen after a user has already met the completion requirement. 

You could take a look at testing this in SCORM Cloud to see how it behaves there! 

Morgan Humbert


I've been having a similar issue with most of our scorm contents.

Some users are returning a score of 0 to our LMS instead of the actual value.

When a new attempt is taken by clicking on the restart button within the course itself, the intScore is getting a value over 100.

It is set in the scorm files that if this value is over 100, it should be reseted to 0, therefore sending a result of 0 to the LMS even when the first attempt was of another value between 1 and 100.

In SetErrorInfo - Num=3 Desc=Invalid Score passed to SetScore (must be between 0-100), intScore=150

Do you have any updates on this case because this is recurrent for a lot of our LMS content and blocking all new publishing as we cannot track accurately the score of our end users.

Is there a way to have a workaround without republishing all of our content which could take months ?

Thank you,



Alyssa Gomez

Hi Morgan, 

Thanks for bringing this up here and also for opening a case. Would you mind attaching your original unpublished file to your case by clicking here?

Also, have you had a chance to test this in another environment like SCORM Cloud? Once you've shared your file with our team, we can help with that testing. Thanks!

Morgan Humbert


Thank you for your answer.

I am unfortunately not allowed to share the content of this course but will work on creating a "dummy" version where I will modify the questions and answers content. (I will not modify the structure of the course in any way).

I will keep you up to date once the file has been uploaded.



Leslie McKerchie

Hi Morgan!

I took a look at your case and it looks like Robert sent an e-mail on 11/10 and 11/17. Did you receive these e-mails? They would be from if you'd like to check your spam/junk folders as well.

I'm going to re-send them right now as well so that you can keep an eye out.

Morgan Humbert


I recieved the e-mails, thank you for your concern.
I am using a private e-mail adress and I am unfortunately not able to check
it at work.

I asked Robert a few questions, once I obtain a confirmation from his side
I might be able to redirect the case to our LMS provider.

Thank you for your help,


Morgan Humbert


Could you please conduct a new test on the said file where you pass the test on the first attempt, then click on the restart the test button and close it after the first question is displayed.

I would be interested in seeing if the score sent to your LMS is of 0 or another value.

Once I have confirmation from your side on this specific pattern, It will confirm the issue is comming from the LMS provider.

Thank you,


Morgan Humbert


Any news on the extended testing case you are running ?

1. Obtain a passing grade at first attempt

2. Click on the button to retake the quizz

3. Close the window after arriving on the first question again

Is the score reported to your LMS of 0 too or is it working properly ?

I need this specific case to be tested as soon as possible.


Thank you for your comprehension,


Morgan Humbert


Since I've had no answer from your side on the subject for a little while now.

I would like to organize a Webex with my LMS provider as well as some experts from your team to replicate the issue on the Scorm Cloud and the LMS to have a better insight on the situation.

Could you please come back to me with your availabilities in the upcomming week ?

Thank you,