Storyline 2 Single File Published output

I'm creating training content that will be delivered to suppliers.  Suppliers each have a folder on a Sharepoint type site that they have access to.  Suppliers who need the training will have the published content placed in their folder.  From there, they can download it.  I would rather have it housed and delivered from SAP Ariba, but that is only a possible future scenario at this point.

What I would like is a single file.  I've received training materials from our customers that is flash based, single .pdf file.  There isn't an publishing option for this.

Publishing to Word and then converting to PDF doesn't work at all - it becomes like a print out.  We do have an LMS, but it is internal.  No Articulate online setup.  My best choices seem to be CD or web.  

I don't want to do CD, because some organization firewalls will block .exe, even in a zip folder.

For web, I would place a zip folder on the site, have them download it, extract it, and click on the story.html item.  It is a bit more involved than I would like, but is it the best option?

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