Storyline 2 - Slide layers do not work properly, images pop up from left corner


Could anyone please let me know, in one of my course slides - with multiple layers - upon clicking objects, images pops up from the left hand corner.

In my findings, I found that this happens when the layer has images with zoom-in effects. How can I fix this, if I have to include graphics inside each layer with zoom-in effects.

This happens both on LMS and standalone. 


[I've uploaded a sample .story file with case # 01164128]

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Walt Hamilton

Within the animations tab, after you set the type of animation for an object, you can also set the effect, which usually includes where the animation originates.

If that doesn't help,and you don't want to wait for support, use the ADD ATTACHMENT button to attach the .story file here, and someone may be able to spot the problem.

Deepak Mohanty

Hi Ashley,

As of now, for me it looks like an issue of browser. This only comes up in Google Chrome, while those slides work fine in Mozilla and IE. However, such things should be resolved/optimized for all browsers, as these days we don't ask our learners which specific browser they should use. 

I'd still like to wait to hear from the support team, if they have anything specific to share. Thanks!