storyline 2 slow and crashes

I have a storyline 2 file that is about 100Mb in size. As it has grown is has become more and more difficult to use. It takes minutes just to open the file and over 5 minutes to save - even on a decent machine with all other process stopped. It has a real problem in Storyview mode, crashed and goes so slow, but is workable in slide mode. I've tried different machines, re saving the file, deleting temp storyline files. Is it just that storyline 2 isn't that well designed? IS there anything I can do? Is 360 or SL3 better. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated. Could it be that I've copied scenes or used SL in some way that has caused a problem. I have to deliver the project and it's very worrying that as it gets bigger it becomes more difficult to use.




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Barry Langton

Thanks Leslie, I tried it. it did help (interestingly the file size went down by 20%) however it's still slow - any other ideas?

In importing the slides I lose some stuff too (a variable got deleted and a lot of jumps to slides were lost - I spend a day going through relinking/checking it all.

Is they an easier options. Is upgrading useful? Is it possible to upgrade a SL2 project to SL3 or 360 without any problems?


Thanks again for your help!


Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Barry,

You can definitely upgrade a Storyline 2 file into either Storyline 3 or Storyline 360 - but I don't know if that would solve your issue with this file. Both of the latest versions of Storyline have a bunch of new features and fixes to help with more efficient course creation and design.

If it's just this one file, and importing helped a bit, I'd also want to know if your files are being saved and edited locally. Working from a network/shared drive is known to cause some odd issues.

Barry Langton

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the reply. I'm running it locally. On one machine it doesn't even load anymore (win10 i5 3.20Ghz 8Mb ram) so I have to edit the file on a laptop with 16Mb Ram and a more up to date processor. The importing to a new project took the file down to 80Mb from over a 100Mb but now add a little extra and it's crept up to 95Mb and is just as slow as before. 

Problem is I have to hand the file over to the client in a few days and they will need to edit it. I doubt if they will be able to open it!! Any ideas?

Thanks for your help


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Barry,

Thanks for letting us know what you already tried--let's keep digging! We want to make sure everything is working smoothly before you send the file to your client.

Could you share the original Storyline 2 file with our team by clicking here? We'll take a closer look at what could be causing this sluggish behavior. Thanks!