Storyline 2 - Slow or Not responding


I've had multiple issues with this application, but none as irritating as slow response when dragging images around on the screen, or placing text boxes  and even worse audio syncing not beginning for nearly 30 seconds. My CPU has 8G RAM and my processor speed is 2.7 GHz. The file is only 40 megs. 

Any fixes or suggestions would be awesoome



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Nabil Asif

Hi Gareth,

Just posting this for you or anyone else searching for this issue. I had the same problem on a i7 laptop with 16GB of RAM and a high-performance ATI graphics card. I unknowing fixed the problem when I recently updated my graphics card drivers. 

I think there must have been driver optimisation issue with older drivers. Not a guaranteed fix, but it worked for me.

- Nabil