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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Phil Mayor said:

Kevin Thorn said:

Trying to chase those planets around their orbits to click was challenging!

BTW: No periodic table vSL2?

I did think about a periodic table of fonts, ut think I am still recovering from the last one

so, there's hope after your recovery? y'all are makin' me chuckle out loud, even though I'm sitting here by myself 

Andrew Sellon

Phil and Michael--these are both terrific examples!  But Phil, I do think that "asteroid" is indeed a piece of toast, with marmite on it, by the look of it.  And Michael--no reward for getting the ball into the bucket?  Or at least a splash or a "ding!" ?  Really impressive stuff, gents; I can't wait to have time to jump into V2 and play with all the nifty new features.