Storyline 2 Sound tools and Storyline 1 sound bugs?

Mar 02, 2016

Hello all!

I record lots of voiceover narration within Storyline 1 for our client video slide shows, imported from Powerpoint files prepared by our account managers—mostly open enrollment and new hire benefit presentations. I’m using an HP laptop with Windows 7 Pro.

TOOLS--The sound editing tools in Storyline 1 are pretty bare bones. There are no filters, but not not enough background noise in my recording setup to need them for the whole recording. But I do need to silence the pauses.

Does Storyline 2.0 include any upgrades to the sound editing tools? Being able to select multiple sections to silence at once would be a huge time-saver. There’s no way to do it in Storyline 1. Same for overall filters. It would be great to have them but I haven’t seen them mentioned anywhere.

BUGS—In Storyline 1 if I want to silence the end of a recording I must use volume controls. If I just use “Silence Selection” it silences the selection—AND moves it forward 10-30 seconds into the middle of the sound track!

Also on occasional—and unpredictable—slides, the recorded sound will be stuttered or have dropouts, requiring re-recording. Obviously a pain in the you-know-what! Has anybody else experienced these problems, especially in Storyline 2?

I’m trying to make a case to my boss to spend the $$ on the upgrade and need to address these issues to help do it.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Dave,

Thanks for reaching out here. 

As for the feature you're looking for in Storyline 2, there isn't a change to the audio editing tools, and you can review the information here in regards to what you can change and edit. You may want to look at downloading the trial to see how it behaves for you and what elements you can edit and if the other features make it enough of a value add for you. 

As for the bug you mentioned, it sounds like something we'd want to take a look at in Storyline 1 (again you are welcome to test in the trial of Storyline 2) and then we'd also be able to test in Storyline 2. You can upload a file here using the "Add attachment" button or send it along to our Support engineers here and you'll just want to make sure you share the steps you're going through to replicate the behavior. 

Hope that helps, and if you choose to submit the case to our engineers let me know and I am happy to follow along. 

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