Storyline 2 super slow after changing Story Size

Hi, relatively new to Storyline 2. Is this a common issue? I wanted to make my Story size larger so it appeared larger on my users' computer screens. I changed the size to 1920 x 1020. Since then, the program lags and hangs up. I try to click on a text box to edit it, it takes about 5-10 seconds, and so on.

Should adjusting the Story size affect the program's speed? I have a fast laptop, the dpi settings are at 100%, Windows 7. 

Thanks for any advice out there.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nathan,

It shouldn't impact overall speed - but did you adjust it after already starting the project? I'd instead looking at starting a new file, changing the story size there and then importing your slides in. You'll also want to consider the elements in regards to player and browser size as detailed here.