Storyline 2 Timeline Issue

After placing an object in a slide, whenever I am trying to " Align to Cue point" or "Align to Playhead", the whole timeline gets extended to 100 secs. Because of this issue I am not able to use Storyline 2 for my projects, even after purchasing them just after the launch of the software. 

I brought this issue several times to customer support. Each time they promised to resolve this issue in the next update. But still unresolved even after 3 updates. 

Staffs, Please help me out in this.


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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nayeem,

This is noted here as a known issue, and as you can see within the release notes, Update 1 dealt mostly with some iOS8 issues that appeared when it was released and Update 3 dealt specifically with the release of Flash player 16 - so our team is still working on this issue and we'll keep folks posted here in the forums or within those two linked KB articles. 

Author SME

Hi Ashley,

Even in new update released for Storyline 2 didn't resolve this issue. Can you please give information regarding which update we can expect this issue to be resolved.

Again, I am bringing this to your notice, Because of this issue our company is not able to use Storyline 2 for our projects, even after purchasing them just after the launch of the software.



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nayeem,

Unfortunately I don't have a time frame to offer in regards to this issue, but will share any updates here once available. I will make a note in the issue with our QA team that you're unable to use Storyline 2 until this is fixed. 

Are you unable to manually adjust the end of the timeline?