Storyline 2 Tiny Font in Parallels

Hello, my company just switched from PCs to MACs, which was a great decision except for the fact that I use Storyline 2.  I have Windows Parallels installed on my MAC and I can access Storyline 2, however, the font is tiny! I've worked with my IT department to try to find a solution for this issue and nothing is working.  We tried changing the resolution, the dpi, and resizing nothing is working.  Has anyone seen this before? Is so, can you assist me with this.  I already wear glasses, but after this I'll need binoculars. 

I've attached a screenshot...

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Ali Goulet

Hi Stephanie,

You may find that user interface elements in Storyline 2 are small and difficult to read on high resolution monitors-generally, monitors that display more than 2,000 pixels in width. Try reducing your resolution in Windows through Parallels to below 2,000 pixels.

In addition, Articulate Storyline requires Microsoft Windows to be configured with 96 DPI. If Windows is using a different DPI setting, you may experience erratic behavior. You can refer to this article on how to change it.

If you have already adjusted the resolution and DPI, as you mentioned, and are still experiencing this problem, try repairing/reinstalling the Storyline 2 to ensure that it will adjust in accordance to these settings. You can refer to this article for that.

Shawn McClelland

I'm not sure if this is the same Issue, but I have a similar issue on a Mac running Parallels with SL2 and here is what corrected my display issue:

See my comment at the bottom of the page and the screen shot.


Good luck!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your patience and for continuing to share your experiences using Storyline on a high resolution display.

As a few of the staff here have mentioned previously, it’s something that we’ve continued to discuss with our Quality Assurance team. I wanted to offer a bit more insight into what’s happening and what our team is working on.

When Storyline was initially developed, we wanted to create a product powerful enough to enable rich new kinds of e-learning courses to be created. We realized early on that to create the user experience we wanted – from rendering the stage itself to our various panels and dialogs – much of the user interface code would have to be custom written to look and function in a specific way.

The landscape has changed considerably Since Storyline 2 was released in 2014. Microsoft started supporting scaling for high resolution displays in Windows 8.1, and increasing numbers of high definition laptops and external monitors are now available.

Our team is currently evaluating a number of different approaches that would allow Storyline 2 to scale gracefully on high resolution displays. Because of the amount of custom user interface and rendering code within Storyline, supporting these new devices is not as simple as flicking a switch. The changes required would be broad and impact all the elements of Storyline’s interface, so we feel it’s important to take a considered approach and make sure our proposed solution doesn’t introduce any unintended breakdowns. Although I don’t have a specific timeline today, I will share further information here once we’re further down the road.

In the meantime, please keep the feedback coming. You are the ones we’re working so hard for. The staff who monitor the forums are here to advocate for your needs, so rest assured that our product managers and quality assurance team are aware of this issue and are working to address the concerns you’ve raised.