Storyline 2 title bar is off screen

Apr 02, 2015

Storyline 2 opens full screen but partially off screen. The title bar is off screen and there is a space approximately the size of a task bar or title bar that it does not fill at the bottom.

I uninstalled all copies of Storyline and downloaded a fresh copy of the installer before reinstalling but it still sits partially off screen. Reinstalling made no difference.

I'm running Windows 7 on a PC. Intel i7-3930K CPU@3.2GHz with 16GB RAM.

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Davy Jones

Oh boy. I went through all the steps of turning off UAC, uninstalling Storyline, downloading and running the slCleanup.bat, downloading the latest version, (didn't appreciate the link to the latest being a copy of Storyline, not Storyline 2) rebooting a gazillion times. Because the new installation still has the problem I uninstalled Flash Player and all its associated files in various locations.

No change.

I'm thinking about seeing what happens when installing to another computer.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Davy, 

You mentioned isolating the issue to something about your computer since it worked as expected on a Windows 8.1 set up. Since I haven't seen a screenshot of what you're referring to, or any additional information in regards to your set up it seemed like an issue that your IT team could help isolate based on the difference in the two systems. 

I see that you're working with our Support team now, so I'll continue to follow along with your case. 

Randall Stieghorst

Timeline off the screen

Was there a resolution for this? I have the same problem -- when I start Articulate 2 (on my dual monitor system), the menu bar of Articulate 2 is slightly off the screen (which means I cannot minimize or maximize it, except through the [Windows Key]+[down arrow]). My assumption is that because I have my Windows Task bar at the top, Articulate doesn't know realize which part of the screen it is supposed to occupy, so it places itself *under* my taskbar (on the top).  I solve that by minimizing it and moving it to the other monitor.

Now however, after installing the most recent update today, when I pop out the timeline, it pops out so far above the screen that I can't move it (and it doesn't react to the windows-down key trick.)  Sadly, whether I close the project and re-open it or exit Storyline and re-start it, I get the same problem -- the timeline stays where it was, out of my reach.  So now, I'm completely unable to edit my storyline file, because the timeline for all the slides/scenes is above my screen.  Any suggestions or examples of the previous resolution would be wonderful!

Thank you!

Davy Jones
Randall Stieghorst

Yes, luckily I was able to resize the undocked timeline's see and choose the "redock all" button.  Now, as long as I work  with the timeline in its usual spot -- (and don't use Articulate on my right monitor, which is where my taskbar is along the top), I can use it without a problem. It's not a long-term solution, because I need to undock my timeline to manage the long list of elements on the timeline, but for now...I'm at least productive! :)

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