Storyline 2 - Track using number of slides viewed (LMS)

Hi there,

In some of the correspondence on this subject I've seen conflicting answers to "tracking using number of slides viewed" for an LMS (AICC) in Storyline 2.

So, to clarify, if I wanted to track 15 of 20 slides it doesn't matter which 15 slides are viewed, as long as the user views 15 of the 20.  In other words it doesn't mean slides 1 to 15.  Is that correct?

Also, lightbox slides are counted too, correct?

Thank you...I appreciate your help very much.

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Gemma Greenwood

Hi there,

I have a similar question but more to do with LMS tracking so not sure if this forum is the best? I have set my Storyline 2 course to track and mark complete 100 out of 136 slides. Is there a way, from the LMS (just any out there) that I can track how many slides they have actually viewed? The reason I'm asking this is because some people are saying that they have gone through the whole course but it's not marking as complete. My suspicious is that they are not actually clicking through the whole thing and so as not to lock down the menu, I can't really tell. But not sure if this is even possible - do you know if LMSs can track how many slides they have viewed.


Crystal Horn

Thanks, Gemma, for linking that workaround here!  

We're happy to help you troubleshoot why some folks are not being marked as complete.  Can you find any common denominators with them, e.g. browsers or devices they're using to view the course?

We like to use SCORM Cloud to narrow down these issues as well. 

Let me know what you think!

Gemma Greenwood

Hey Crystal, sorry for my late reply. 

We did a little digging and my course has a branching scenario - at the end of each one, it lets users know that they have to complete both sections for the course to be marked as completed and what we found is that they are only doing 1 section - not both! 

Will eventually create a variable that shows them an error message if they have not completed both sections - just need to find out how to do this. I have done it before, just need to find my file that has this variable/trigger! 

Thanks again though for your answer.

Ali Goulet

Hey Gemma!

If you need any help setting that up, you may want to reach out in our Building Better Courses forum and share your current file. We have many experts over there that can pop in with tips and suggestions to achieve the design flow you're looking for! 

Good luck with the rest of your project, and thanks so much for popping in with an update here ☺️