Storyline 2 trail suddenly does not work

Dear all,

I have downloaded and successfully tried Storyline for about a week, when yesterday I could not open the software anymore. Instead I was prompted to install FlashPlayer 10 or higher. The thing is that I have FlashPlayer 16 installed, so I am not sure that the error message is correct. The error message is attached.

Did anyone else run into this?

Is it possible to uninstall and then download Another trial? I doubt it would be possible without help from Articulate Support anyway or else anyone could do that just to extend the trial period.

I am currently working on a proof of concept where I'd like to convince a customer to go for StoryLine instead of Captivate and this is not exactly helping my case.

All help is most appreciated!

Thanking you in advance, Melanie



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Melanie Olsson

Thanks Wendy, that sounds great!

As I am so new to this maybe you can give me some guidance? I have found Atriculate Storyline 2 Update 3, but when I try to download it I am directed to the download of the full SL2 software. That doesn't make sense to me. Could I be doing something wrong? Please see attachment.

Thanks again, Melanie

John Ruiz

Hi Melanie,

You've done nothing wrong, a full software download is indeed what you want.  Once downloaded, you will need to uninstall the version that is currently on your computer before beginning the new installation.  From what I've seen, the trial period will be continued from your other installation, i.e., if you installed it 15 days ago, you would still have 15 days left on the new installation.

Hope this helps.