Storyline 2 Translations export format loss

Oct 23, 2014

We have a big Storyline 2 project that needs to be translated in a number of different languages. Since we did this many times without much problems in Storyline 1, we expected no problems with Storyline 2.

However, after getting our translations back from the translation company and importing them into our project, we discovered that exporting to a Word document removes some of the formatting on the text. The Bold and Italic formatting is removed, but Underlined text works. The formatting of the bullets in lists is also reset to default.

Is there anyone experiencing the same problems? This is costing us a lot of time, money and sanity, since we now have to update each and every text item to contain the correct formatting.

We ran some tests and in every single project the Bold and Italic formatting gets lost during an export. When we apply the formatting in the Word document, the import is correct, so it is clearly an exporting issue. Is this a bug?

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