Storyline 2 Triggers for Try Again Feedback

Sep 14, 2015


I have updated a Storyline 1 module to Storyline 2 and need to add Try Again Boxes and also 3 attempts at questions instead of 1.  I have this working in other updated modules.

I am able to add the Try Again Feedback box through layout for the layer.   However, when adding the trigger the options I want are:

Action:  Hide layer, Layer: This Layer, When: User clicks, Object: Try Again

I get these:

Action: Hide layer, Layer: This Layer, When: Timeline starts, Object: Try Again

If I change the When: field to User Clicks, the Object: field doesn't provide a Try Again option.

Also, are the field options affected by the type of question.

Any advice would be very much appreciated, thanks.




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Margaret,

The "options" field are generated by what is on the slide - so you'll need to reference a button, object, shape, on that particular layer. Without seeing the .story file it's difficult to tell if you mean the "try again" button or if you're referring to the layer itself, which is an option for such "when" elements such as when the timeline of that layer ends. 

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