Storyline 2 triggers inconsistently counting

Sep 13, 2018

Hi there! 
I created a set of math drill and practice activities in Storyline 2 current build—and users are reporting inconsistent results, which I cannot replicate in my QA testing.

The activity includes 2 different question types: 10 calculation questions and 10 slider questions.

  • Calculation questions: If the student enters the correct number, the Correct layer displays. If the Correct layer displays, they get 1 point added to the variable CountQcorrect.
  • Slider questions: If the student drags the slider to the correct point, the Correct layer displays. If the Correct layer displays, they get 1 point added to the variable CountSliderCorrect.

On the results slide, they are shown their CountQcorrect and CountSliderCorrect (as well as a calculated percentage). Images attached.

I'm publishing to the web (& including html5 but not the mobile player) and doing QA on the published results.

I have had a few users get 11 points for CountQCorrect, so I’ve poured over the file to see if I accidentally added a trigger. I did not. AND when I do QA testing, I consistently only get 10 points. The CountSliderCorrect always works correctly.

Is there something I’m missing here? Should I give learners 1 point on the base layer instead of the Correct layer? Would network issues or browser affect the points given? Any ideas what I’m missing in this puzzle? 

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Angie,

The only difference between the two variables and they're triggers that I'm seeing is the piece on "Set Try equal to False when the timeline starts". It doesn't appear to be in the same place for both of them, and trigger order is always an important element to keep in mind! 

If you're able to share a copy of your .story file here, that'll help others take a look and do some additional testing! 

Angie Shertzer

Thanks for responding, Ashley!

I think I figured out the cause. I had set up my calculation question slides using Quizzing slides (Numeric), even though I've customized the results and am calculating scores with triggers and variables. 

So when I did more detailed QA testing, it turned out that ONE question had the wrong answer listed in the triggers. So for that problem, the trigger showed a layer when the user clicked the Check Answer button. The trigger was incorrect. So if they had the correct answer but clicked the Check Answer button, they got a Try Again or Incorrect layer - but also got a point. However, if they had the correct answer and clicked the Enter key, they saw the Correct layer. If the user did both scenarios (first time click Check Answer button, second time click Enter key), then they got a point each time, which led to an extra point. 

I changed the triggers to show the correct answer, so that solved the problem. 

It was a solid reminder about the value of intense QA testing!


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